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Easter Meditation On The Resurrection – Life After Death – Available To All

Consider The Lily

Consider The Lily

A friend recently started a Facebook conversation…

How Do You Answer The Question, “Are You Blessed?”

Here is my answer, as a meditation on Easter and understanding the passion story as a lesson in a Believers opportunity to experience Resurrection Life in the Here And Now!


First, this is not about religion.  I am not a fan of organized religion except that it may help get people to the place where they graduate to a higher form of relating to God.  Religion and Faith are two VERY different things.

Religion generally fails in every incarnation, variation, or variety due to the flaws of men who misunderstand, misinterpret, or corrupt the true teachings of their faith for some personal gain.

Faith is personal, individual, and always learning. I would say most people have faith in something, whether it is themselves, luck, nature, the goodness of the world, the badness of the world, the idea one person may have that they are cursed is even a kind of faith. No matter what one believes, hard times make us stronger, and good fortune is best when shared.

The human spirit tends to grow toward the light, love, and goodness as a person matures. We move toward purification of spirit through every major life event. Even in the “dark nights of the soul”, when trials make us stronger – or when suffering s “the refiners fire burns away flaws to reveal the gold that is within”

I believe we all need some kind of mental construct to make sense out of the things that happen in our lives. The idea that everything that happens is pure coincidence is not acceptable to me. This seems self-evident in nature and in the human experience.

Having studied the origin and progress of human spirituality through the ages, it seems abundantly clear that Egyptian (AFRICAN) spirituality and teachings are the foundation of almost all world religions. This makes sense because we all came out of Africa. Christianity borrows heavily on the parables, wisdom, and teachings of ancient African beliefs.

People have always wanted to believe that their people group, tribe, or nation was special. They want their ‘religion’ to be about them, and their own kind. So that has led to lots of variations. Formal Christianity in the form of Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Protestant and Coptic flavors all depend on a messiah story that was borrowed from AFRICAN spirituality.

African lore has the oldest known story of a virgin birth of a savior to a BLACK Madonna. This story was eventually co-opted to produce a BLACK/ARAB Christ, who has since become pictured by most of the world as an emaciated Caucasian.


I don’t like to identify with what the word Christian or Christianity has come to represent in this day and age, in much the same way that the life of Christ taught people to move away from what organized religion had become in his day.

I won’t deny the power of God and love of God that is shown in what I believe to be the story of Christ, which I believe is based on the life of an actual living god-person. Sadly, this story became fossilized in early Christian literature.

The EXACT same Holy Spirit said to have descended on Christ when he was baptized is the EXACT same Holy Spirit that was offered to me as a helper (guardian angel???)

In this knowledge, which is born of faith,  
have received a gift beyond understanding of acceptance into the family and work of God. I have been given a Spirit of Love that was in Christ. I am become a Christ who is alive and working in the world today to model and teach God’s love as often as I can.

Even if you don’t believe that Christ was an actual person, you can still learn from the stories of Christ – corrupted as they may have been by the aspirations of the early church to create a legend…. These stories still stand as a testament to the wonderful lesson in love, teaching forgiveness, offering a lesson in redemption for self and others through accepting a death of ego, accepting that we sometimes take accusations we don’t deserve, that it doesn’t pay to fight them, that it is good to declare the truth, that we may end up spending time in hell for it, and that we can then experience a resurrection to becoming one who reigns with God in a state of awareness of the holy and constant service toward the highest and best calling of the human spirit.

My faith experience leads me to claim the same ego death and resurrection, even aspiring to and sometimes in my best moments accomplishing a state of deity, living out the power of the being that I was created to be, which is a little “g” god – as can every believer – according to the bible.

Consider the following verses:

Psalm 82:6
I said, “You are gods, And all of you are sons of the Most High.

John 8:17
Even in your own Law it is written that the testimony of two men is valid.

John 10:35
If he called them gods to whom the word of God came–and the Scripture cannot be broken–

Having once been a natural man,
I was an ungoverned animal spirit until transformed by grace and study and divine works, arriving at a state of being that is the sainthood and priesthood of all believers…

Later, being gifted again with a nearly incomprehensible filling from the Holy Spirit… I came to know that I was born to become a god – or at least a god-in-the-making whose life and behavior is today, in concert with others who believe, the exact way in which God is present in this world, here-now.


So… all that having been said first… I can share that do believe in a Creative, Generative, Powerful Force for Love which I call God.


For me, God is a pure spirit who is pure being who created us as a mirror images of the one original self.  I believe this Creative Force is interested in seeing creation including mankind and womankind – be aware of what is Holy and have an understanding of what is the highest and best and most rewarding thought and behavior in every department of understanding, wisdom, will and desire in order that we all may cooperate with that God in ongoing acts of Creation ( or Co-Creation if you will ).

I am not a lieutenant, nor an emissary, nor an adopted child.  I am become grafted into the Tree of Life… Made One with the Creative Power that is I AM. Left Here to Tend The Vineyard While God Goes About Other Business…  

BUT – Organized Religion generally, as far as I am concerned, almost always falls short of actually teaching the spiritual growth and maturity that we are capable of. The will to power, control, and exercise of greed and patrimony corrupt the underlying truth of many faiths.  Is Easter really about the sunrise breakfast?  Or the empty tomb?  Must we see and think and believe like the church teaches?

Jesus said, in his time, that the Pharisees were searching the ends of the earth to make disciples, but that their rules made their disciples twice as much a son of hell as they were before… That too is scripture.

So… am I blessed? That was the question after all….  Now I Can Answer

There are times that it is hard to maintain an attitude of gratitude in this world. But when the dark cloud or blind spot passes, and I find that having survived something that might have killed my person or broken mind or spirit, It becomes clear truth that there is a power inside me greater than my own. So, knowing this, YES, I AM BLESSED. Far more Than blessed!

With God, I can say I AM HOLY – And So Can You.   

I think it would be sad to have to try to deal with life thinking everything was random, coincidental, and only having the animal powers and thoughts that occur without achieving a higher awareness of ones place in the grand plan of of a Loving God.

This Easter…
May You Gain A Deeper Knowledge And Ability To Live The Resurrection Life And Enjoy Fellowship (Oneness) With The God Inside & The God Beside…

OK – I’m DONE…

(I guess some form of heavy thinking is a mixed blessing that comes from too many grad school philosophy classes and research papers lately.. lol – but it does seem to me that this is a huge question and deserves a well thought out answer from each living person. This small novel is my answer : )

Are You Blessed?  What’s Your Answer?  Feel Free To Share!

Feb 22

Further Meditations On The Lords Prayer: A Prescription For Progress in Spiritual Maturity?

Recent Meditations on the Lords Prayer have yielded some insights, and some questions. I have become aware that there may be a progression of spiritual maturity established by or contained in the Lord’s Prayer by reason of the order of requests / acknowledgements / declarations being made as well as the states of understanding, states of consciousness, and states of spirituality or being required for genuine expression of each part

Consider the Lord’s Prayer:

Our Father, Who art in heaven  

Collective,  Requesting / Acknowledging / Declaring that we collectively but also with an understanding that our self is included, want his attention, want to talk, and that the praying self exists within in a community that has a collective connection to God as Father, which means leader, and that the group as well as the praying self are counted as His children or His child – but understanding the relationship is mostly communal by the proximity of the collective pronoun “our, and perhaps that He is distant, noting that His location is perhaps somewhere as far away as the heavens while we are apparently not in that place – even as some Fathers on earth may be perceived as distant

Hallowed be Thy name  

Still collective, by reason of the proximity to the collective pronoun “our”  but also more personal as evidenced by the gradual distance developing from the collective pronoun ‘our’,  Acknowledging / Declaring and entering into agreement both community or priestly as well as personal Worship and Reverence – which the latter brings us and our self included closer to Him as though part of the heavenly host that is gathered by the crystal sea praising his name forever.

Thy kingdom come

Still collective, priestly, but also becoming more personal as distance continues to grow from the collective pronoun “our”,  Requesting / Acknowledging / Declaring that the Kingdom is His, That He is the King, and that His kingdom is coming, or can come, or will come, or has already come, apparently from somewhere else if it needs to come here.

Thy will be done 

Still collective,priestly, but also growing more personal,  Requesting / Acknowledging / Declaring that His will can be, or will be, or already is the most important in comparison to the will of any other spirit or person including the one praying,   Consciously surrendering ego to His will and declaring both a priestly and personal awareness of the need and desire and importance of remembering that His will exists in power above our own.

On earth as it is in heaven

Still collective, priestly, as there has been no change of pronoun, but also more and more personal as the distance from the pronoun “our” grows, Declaring / Requesting / Acknowledging that there is a connection between earthly and heavenly expression of His will and where it shall prevail, perhaps uniting the two realms by proximity and

Give us this day our daily bread

A return of the Collective, priestly Declaration / Acknowledgment / Request as witnessed by the collective pronoun returning in the form of “us” but also using a pronoun “us” in a way that God has also used as collective pronoun to describe himself as placed within a trinity, Requesting / Acknowledging / Declaring that He gives us each day of our life, He is the Giver of Life, our sustenance comes from Him, that He is our provider, and also now Elevating the request for sustenance to the level of a priestly prayer for the fellowship of all believers (agape love), as well as the fellowship of neighbors (phileo love), but certainly also something that one wants for one’s self

And forgive us our trespasses

Still priestly, still  Requesting / Acknowledging / Declaring that He is the one who forgives, and that by general study and understanding we know that there may be conditions attached to the ability to have standing to even make such a request, but also personal because forgiveness must work on the individual level if there is ever to be a personal relationship

As we forgive those who trespass against us

Now clearly both priestly and personal because although we are reminded of the collective by the pronoun “we” it is also true that no praying person can succeed in  Requesting / Acknowledging / Declaring or somehow by speaking, create or force development of a group level consciousness to forgive…  Forgiveness being the very personal and highly individual thing according to all teaching and prophecy, apparently by its very nature

Lead us not into temptation

Now clearly both an effort made to be priestly but more truly personal because no praying person can succeed in  Requesting / Acknowledging / Declaring or somehow by speaking, create or force development of a group consciousness of temptation…  and Requesting / Acknowledging / Declaring a collective but also personal need to be led, and specifically to be led away from temptation, since the experience of temptation is the first step toward a potential behavior that can separates us from God

But deliver us from evil

Again priestly but also personal because no praying person can say they don’t want this particular thing for themselves, Requesting / Acknowledging / Declaring a personal desire for the blessing of the collective that He is the one who has the ability to save us from the war or prison created by temptation, since one would not need to be delivered unless evil was pursuing or if one had only been tempted, evil… Instead, there seems to be a supposition that the experience of falling into trouble from temptation may not be the end of the communal experience as well as personal experience evoked within the prayer so far, Requesting / Acknowledging / Declaring His power to provide this deliverance,

For Thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory

Now we again find distance between the collective pronoun, and shift to a highly personal statement, or agreement in prayer Acknowledging / Declaring that there is a He, that the Kingdom is His, that there is a Power, that the Power is His, as well as that there is a Glory, which Glory is his…. But notice the form of prayer is no longer requesting) but is Acknowledging / Declaring both a collective and personal result of having been delivered from evil (notice the conjunction “for” which means this next part of prayer is connected to the previous part of the prayer, the part just spoken, meaning that because or as a result of deliverance from evil we and I n are clearly  Declaring our freedom and the resulting ability to understand or see Him, His Kingdom, and His Glory, apparently without geographical limitation as suggested by the opening appeal to Father which is set within a concept that he is far away in the heavens..  Apparently He is here, now, supremely in charge, possessing both power and glory

Forever ?

The world “Forever” is not found in the earliest versions of scripture containing what we now call the Lord’s Prayer. Nor are the words “Forever and Ever”.  I am led to believe that the Requests, Acknowledgments, and Declarations were not taught as being bound by time, in the same way that time cannot contain nor define, nor even matter to God nor to our own eternal soul.  When we are spiritually mature, we are not imprisoned by time, controlled by time, nor victims of time.  Having been delivered, the soul is eternally present with God in a time without beginning and without end.  Thus no mention of time is necessary.  But if time will be mentioned, then whoever added “Forever and Ever” may be attempting to say something along the lines of this state of affairs of Requesting, Acknowledging / Declaring His authority and His power to deliver from evil is a concept that is not bound by time unless one considers how long a time it may be if that time were “forever and ever” which strikes me as Forever plus forever or even forever squared.  I have to note that there is not a meaningful difference.

It is this last bit, of knowing deliverance which can come only from God, and acknowledging the authority of His power and the tremendousness of His glory are present for us to partake in, without regard for time, that our spiritual maturity has progressed to the point where no more words are needed.  Which brings us to a new plane, where experiencing God and living out a personal relationship with Him no longer requires words.  For now, I no longer live, but am made one with God by his express offer of invitation to return to the state of being before the sins of Adam and Eve when a man was created in His image and likeness to live an eternity, a time without beginning or end, which is the definition of a moment, in his presence, over and over and over….

The questions that follow this meditation – for me – include questions about how to unpack or understand the rich meaning in such a lesson.  Why were these specific words chosen?  What is the lesson?  Where does this prayer leave us that we were not already when we began?  What is next?  Are the stages or verses or separate acts of consciousness required to pray the prayer meant to be understood as a single experience, with complete understanding, which seems unlikely since a new believer cannot comprehend all of what is being prayed, or are they pointing to a progressive manifestation of spiritual progression, progressive steps along a journey to oneness with God? As these questions occur to me, I am aware of the similitude of knowing and not knowing, experiencing the cloud of unknowing, a mystery of being both in His presence but also one with Him who is now in my presence.

Apr 28

Political Campaign, Campaign Reform, Politics, Government


American Spiritual People are Sensible Voters. Let’s Fix What is Wrong With #Political Campaigns, #Politics, and #Government!

“WE THE PEOPLE” No Longer Have A

It is time for “WE THE PEOPLE”  to fix it!   I am an ‘ordinary American’ who would rather try and do something about the problem than whine and cry about the political problems in America.

Are you as FED UP as I am that our government has become a country club and back room legislating machine catering to the Lords & Ladies of American Royalty at the expense of the common man and the great American Middle Class?

Are you as DISGUSTED as I am that our current political parties cannot get the necessary work of government done because they are too busy making fundraising calls and calling each other names?

 Do YOU want something done about:

– How our Political Campaign Process works?
– How Corporations and Wealthy individuals buy votes?
– How our elected officials serve themselves?
– The rape and pillage of the American Middle Class

Would you like to see a NEW POLITICAL PARTY: 

– Work With Others To Do What Is Right?
– Fix campaign process and campaign funding
– Impose term limits on senators and congressmen
– Overhaul the code of ethics in government
– Put an end to self dealing for those elected
– Require that they serve the will of the people.

Will you share?   Would you help?  Every little bit will help.  Your  $5 or  $10 combined with everybody else can make the difference.  If you can send a little more, or a lot more, then God Bless The USA!

With your support, this first round of funding will be used to start the process of properly and legally organizing a political party.  The party name can be determined by vote of the supporters.  At this time I propose:


Once organized, we can raise additional funds to hire the right people to move this vision forward.  This is a huge task, and will take a lot of money over time, but the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time – so let’s take this one step at a time, together.

The overall goal of the new party will be to encourage ordinary Americans to run for office and support our ideals.  We will also work in future elections to obtain pledges from political candidates at all levels to support our goals as part of their campaign platform and agenda.

When we have enough candidates singing our song, we will then finish the process of becoming a valid Political Party in our own right, providing Branding, Positioning, Voice, Message, and Congressional Action to fix our broken political system.

Is this just an idle fantasy?  Maybe?  But it is also how government is supposed to work.  We the People are supposed to represented not robbed.  Ordinary people with a passion for creating a great country and a better world started our government, and it is time we take it back from the ridiculous state it is in now.

What if your $5, $10. $20 could  help restore the American Dream?  It just might get the ball rolling in the right direction.

Why not skip buying one lottery ticket or skip one movie or one pizza and send us a few bucks to help restore the political system to one that our founding fathers intended.

The Great American Middle Class is the only class that can rescue the Middle Class.  Let’s Restore a GOVERNMENT OF BY AND FOR THE PEOPLE – Together!

Supporters will receive a graphic logo to display proudly on social media to help spread the world!

Apr 19

Comparing Spirituality to Religion: What is the Difference?

Comparing Spirituality to Religion: What is the Difference?

Comparing Spirituality to ReligionSpirituality is a component of personal awareness of, connection to, and mastery of a greater love, truth, and wisdom than the self serving Ego.

Spirituality is a PERSONAL matter and practice.

The spiritual PERSON develops a way of perceiving and experiencing the world from a larger view than ego.  The spiritual person develops a and set of PERSONAL habits and practices intended to help with a quest for truth, knowledge, and love.  The state of spiritual development may begin with the simplest desire to embark on that quest., advance to an important motivation and drive, or culminate in advanced accomplishment of understanding that can even appear other-worldly, strangely powerful while also uncommonly wise and peaceful.  One can be spiritual without being religious at all.

Religion is an institution or group practice

Religion is an organized scheme of lessons, practices and beliefs designed at least in theory by spiritually advanced persons to serve or help the seeking spiritual person find what they seek as long as what is being sought and the method of seeking is approved of by the religious leaders of that religion. Religion becomes a school of thought, a social experience, a culture or subculture that can be helpful to the seeker.  But it can also be judgmental toward other religions and confining – even failing so badly as to convince members to become so dependent that they cannot think for themselves nor complete their spiritual quest.

Here is the difference in stark comparison


Jesus was a spiritual man.  The Pharisee and Sadducee  of his day were the religious leaders.  About them Jesus said, “You travel the ends of the earth to make a convert, but then with your rules you make them twice as much a son of hell as they were in the beginning.”


I am afraid most “Churches” today, whether Christian of any flavor – Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant as well as the many others including Islam, Hebrew, Oriental and etc et. al have fallen victim to the same problems that were suffered by the Pharisee and the Sadducee of Christ’s Day.  But the remnant, the souls that are aware, may yet teach a better way to at least one other…. hmmm ?


Apr 13

The Serenity Prayer – An Epiphany & A New Revelation

The Serenity Prayer

The Traditional Serenity Prayer

The Serenity Prayer
An Epiphany & a New Perspective

The Serenity Prayer is a time-honored meditation starter.  It was written by the American theologian Reinhold Niebuhr (1892–1971).

It’s a good beginning when you need to calm the storm.

The way it was taught to me was that It can help a spiritual person to accomplish a peace that passes understanding when they find themselves unable to right a wrong.

Today I enjoyed an epiphany of communion with the Spirit while contemplating the serenity prayer in light of recent events in my spiritual life.

I share the following in hopes it may help somebody else as well.

I usually focus on the name of the prayer.  It’s The Serenity Prayer, after all.  Right?

While meditating on the Serenity Prayer today, I erred in recalling the words.  Perhaps it was a “Freudian Slip” as some may call it, but instead of unconsciously revealing something about myself to another person, the spirit was revealing something to my heart, mind, and soul.

The reason I temporarily recalled the last line as “The Peace to know the difference”, it is probably because I have been very earnestly seeking peace in troubling storms lately.

The revelation in the Epiphany experience today was:

First, I realized that the word “Peace” as I used it was actually supposed to be the word “Wisdom”.

This led me to thinking more deeply about each word and request in the prayer.


I have been using the Serenity Prayer as a means of ending distress: Reminding myself that I am not all-powerful and therefore should not blame myself; Reminding myself that there is only so much to my ability; Seeking to close a distressing chapter in my life.

But today I focused on the next request in the Serenity Prayer.  Following the request for “Serenity” comes a request for “Courage”.  Serenity it is not the ultimate purpose of the prayer or meditation.  The Serenity Prayer is not only about Serenity but about preparing for what comes next.

So… about the word “Courage”.  Hmmm.  Courage for what? “Courage to Change the Things I Can” was previously understood as a sort of disclaimer.  If I needed courage to change only some the things, those things that were under my control,  and the issue that led to prayer was something that only God or another person could change, then I needed the courage to accept my limitations.  I understood this as the courage to confront ego and admit that I can only change some things… therefore I am not responsible for those things I cannot change.  Having this courage would bring a relief from false guilt.

Today I was led deeper into the word Courage as used in the Serenity Prayer.  Requesting Courage of the Almighty implies a wish or hope to do something difficult, or to do well in the face of danger, or even to muster the fortitude needed to confront an enemy or do battle.

This concept of asking for courage would be a waste of time if the actual goal or purpose of the Serenity Prayer was to reach a state of peace or serenity.  Instead, the deeper gift of the meditation, at least for me today, was that there is something I need to do.  And I will need courage from above. Today I was led deeper into the Courage in another way.  Courage is not always about the need to conquer something.  Sometimes it means the courage to stand one’s ground in the face of danger instead of retreating.  After all, we are called to STAND in the storms, and to not give ground to the evil one during the storm.


But it is NOT our calling to remain standing in a storm for our whole life.


Consider:  We are called to realize that the spiritually meaningless works or events of this life will become nothing as they pass through the fire of judgment at the end of days.  When the Serenity Prayer is used as an attempt to put something behind, a way to reach for peace, to escape anxiety or fear – which are not from the Lord, then we are giving attention to that which is ultimately going to be meaningless.

Consider Also:  We are called to know that we should not fear trials but rejoice in them because it is the refiners fire that produces pure gold.  Sometimes we tell the Almighty we are now “golden enough” or that we don’t even want to be golden if it hurts like this.

So a good question is “What is the purpose of Courage in becoming golden… in the spiritual meaning?”


If the goal of our journey on earth is to be the remnant, the guard, a member of the spiritual ones who advance the cause of the Holy One or Highest Power by growing strong and pure then we may need a new perspective.  We will need courage to face the refining fire as the meaningless parts of ourselves are burned off in order to leave the pure gold.

Consider Further:  Gold is generally not used in war.   Gold is not a ‘hardened’ metal able to be sharpened and used as a weapon.  Gold is Soft.  Gold is easily pliable.  Gold is bright and attractive.  Gold does not fade, rot, nor rust.  Gold lasts forever.  Thus Gold makes a good metal for adornment rather than war.


One of the strangest uses of the idea of Gold in the Bible is that we are told that the Streets of Heaven are Paved with Gold.  Hmmm….  Today I see that we who in spirit have been refined by the fire can become soft, pliable, bright, shiny, everlasting streets attracting others to the Kingdom – perhaps even by allowing ourselves to be walked on.  Whoops.  Wait a minute.  There’s a hard rock of understanding.  I don’t mean being walked on in a negative way.  But in a holy surrender, Jesus was walked on when tortured and crucified.  Yet what was left was something bright, attractive, a path or road leading to “Salvation” which I interpret not as a ticket to heaven but an ability to be fully saved from the corruption of the present world and able to do God’s work within it.

The Kingdom Experience in this life is to know how to sit at God’s right  hand as one who is in Christ. while still letting God be God.  Hmmm….


Generally, Christ Followers look forward to a day when the evil in this world is conquered forever,  The bible says evil will become a footstool.  My earlier understanding of this was that the power of evil was denigrated to a subservient role.  Surely this idea means that evil is being punished.

But what if the Creator wants to make sure evil serves as an unwitting footstool to allow a higher reach than one can have without a footstool.  Isn’t that the purpose of the footstool?  A footstool, properly conceived and used, exists to increase our reach, our elevation.  The footstool is not being punished when we use it, as much as we are being lifted to new heights by understanding how to use it.

To Sum:  we are not called to be the punching bag for evil that needs to try to hide in peace.  We are not called to lord it over evil.  We are not called to be helpless passive passengers on this big blue marble we call Earth while waiting for things to be perfect in a life after death.

Christ, and all who are in Him through sanctification and adoption as fellow heirs to the kingdom are called to have Courage to face danger, Courage to face the refining fire, Courage to walk by faith and not by sight, Courage to Live Again, after suffering a horrible loss that feels like death or victimization, here and now, because we are already seated at the Right Hand of God, In Christ, able to use evil as a footstool, to lift up and share the bright joy and power of being Golden, being soft and pliable, not fit for war but becoming a bright and shiny street that never fades, never rusts, and lasts forever, so that others may walk along on their way to many mansions.


To surrender to the refining fire is NOT to lose but to become part of the adornment, making a statement about the glory and power of the creator.
The Serenity Prayer begins with the idea of serenity, but does not end with it.  First, we request that the storm is calmed.  But that is not the end.  There is more.  By requesting Courage, we request that we be divinely prepared for next steps.

As the Serenity Prayer ends with the request for “The Wisdom to Know the Difference” we are called to apply divine discernment.  Good enough.  That’s pretty clear.  But again, I ask… Then What?  What do we do once we pass through the stages of Serenity and Courage and achieve an understanding of the difference?

Today I add this line to my personal version of this prayer,.

God grant me the calling and vision and eager desire to write the next book of my life, and may it be a Holy One.


My this revelation give you wisdom.  Go now, and be of good courage because light always overcome darkness!

Charles Brite

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