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Jul 30


Almost all growing ministries are using media to illustrate their teaching and preaching. It is almost necessary in this media driven culture to communicate using videos, music, movie clips, etc. to convey our Biblical messages. Computers and video projection have become a vital part of our communication within the churches and ministries. It is part …

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Jul 29

Saving Grace? Can a Beer Drinking Angel Save a Nymphomaniac?

The TV show “Saving Grace” gives us a hard working cop lady who has a bad day, cries out, “God Help Me” and suddenly has a beer drinking angel in her life. This “angel” teaches our title character Grace about tolerance, says a few on target things about God, and even encourages her to avoid …

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Jul 26

Spiritual lessons from the Batman Movie, Dark Knight

In a classic struggle between good and evil, with a lot of exploration of human nature…  Do you see any spiritual lessons in the movie, Batman – The Dark Knight?

Jul 26

Knowing ABOUT God vs HOW TO BE GOD

Fair warning. This one will probably shake you a bit. At least it will shake many who think they know what it means to live their faith. There is a big difference between knowing ABOUT something and knowing HOW TO DO something. I can know everything ABOUT a sport, but not be able to play …

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Jul 25

Conventional, Judgmental Theology

Conventional or judgmental theology is NOT FOUND HERE ; ) If you want hair splitting, mind numbing debates about right and wrong, recitations of historical and classical theology, dogmatic teaching, or efforts at logical proof about what is God and what is not God…. You will probably need to go to another web space ! …

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