Monthly Archive: November 2008

Nov 29

Free Christian Blogs – 5000 Visitors A Day!

. Why blog here at Free Christian Blogs?  Because we enjoy over 5000 visitors a day! Your Christian news, Ministry News, Personal Blog, or Testimony will be seen by a sizable audience.  Our search rank will help your search rank!  

Nov 29

Does the NOISE drown out the SOUND ?

While blogging around, I found an article that is well focused on one of the HUGE issues of our day:  Permalink below: ############## Are You Tired of the Noise? The other day, in a rare moment of silence, I was thinking about all the noise. The non-stop, in-your-face, never-ending cacophony of noise. When I’m in …

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Nov 25


Gratitude is the mark of a mature spirit. This Thanksgiving Holiday, we, as a nation, in the USA, have a lot to complain about.  But I Won’t Do It! I will practice gratitude instead. I am grateful for the freedom of choice, and the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit, all of which help …

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Nov 24

Overcoming Challenges

Every challenge is an opportunity to grow in spiritual maturity. The big question is – what’s the lesson? Are we going to change somebody else, something else? Or are we going to learn something and change ourselves? The right answer is usually a bit of a surprise. God has a plan : )

Nov 21

Free Christian Blogs is BACK !

Free Christian Blogs is BACK! After a major rebuild to overcome blog spam issues, we are back to help you communicate, share testimonies, ministry and church news, local news from a Christian perspective. Enjoy new features, and anti-spam security features! Bloggers who want their own blog can start by making reasonable contributions to our main …

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