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Jan 24

“The Shack” Book To Become A Movie

Christian Book The Shack

William (Wm) P Young’s Book, The Shack  to be made into a movie. The book The Shack offers a profoundly provocative look at spirituality and how God can be encountered in non-traditional ways. The Shack is a gripping and inspiring read for those who may be Atheist, Agnostic or non-traditional spiritual seeker. The book is available on …

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Dec 22

Christmas Meditation

Christmas Meditation

A Meditation for Christmas: Sons and Daughters of God… What Do You With All That Divinity?

Aug 31

Spiritual Maturity and Chronological Age

Spiritual Maturity Comes With Age

Spiritual Maturity is generally a function of chronological age. Spiritual Maturity is not always a function of chronological age, but generally, that’s how it works. Some young people at age 25 or 30 are wise beyond their years,  But no matter what spiritual path one takes, the general principles of spiritual maturity are most often …

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Jul 30

All Creation One With God, Eternally

All Creation One With God Eternally

“All Creation Is One With God, Eternally! There Is no Need To Revisit Yesterday Or Battle With Tomorrow. There Is No Need To Be Somewhere Else. Pure Being Has No Need At All. This is Peace.Divine, To Be where You Are, In This One Eternal Moment. Being Together With God, We Are Being God together.” …

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Jul 20

Gratitude Determines Spiritual Altitude

If gratitude determines spiritual altitude then maybe we should take a closer look at the subject? Gratitude is often misunderstood. Many believe we “SHOULD” be grateful because God told us we should.  I submit that the very sense of compulsion ruins the effort. Others believe that God WANTS us to be grateful.  But this again misses the …

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