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Nov 21

Free Christian Blogs is BACK !

Free Christian Blogs is BACK! After a major rebuild to overcome blog spam issues, we are back to help you communicate, share testimonies, ministry and church news, local news from a Christian perspective. Enjoy new features, and anti-spam security features! Bloggers who want their own blog can start by making reasonable contributions to our main …

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Sep 25

Christianity: Post Church Modern ?

Yes, you read that right.  POST CHURCH MODERN is the topic – and not POST MODERN CHURCH. But we will have to discuss the latter a bit in order to be clear about the former. You may be more familiar with the phrase POST MODERN CHURCH. A POST MODERN CHURCH is one that serves a POST MODERN …

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Sep 21

Pastors Gone Soft? Is that why the Church has gone soft?

How many Pastors really want to spend time with the strung out, drug addicted, or those with criminal histories?  Many pastors, including my exPastor – have learned to say… “Somebody else should”.  My exP used to say “I don’t want to go through other people’s junk”. Maybe they think God will heal it – show …

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Mar 30

Free Christian Blogs – A Worldwide Blog

Free Blogs Christian Blogs at had visitors from 140 Countries in March of ’08! See more stats and over 10,000 visitors per day at Top 30 of 140 Total Countries # Hits Files KBytes Country 1 1406215 33.05% 1238221 35.07% 36406430 46.86% US Commercial 2 1349714 31.72% 1138051 32.23% 19607598 25.24% Unresolved/Unknown 3 1149763 27.02% 883539 …

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Mar 25

Free Blogs Growing Again

Free Blogs, Christian Blogs, Growing again. Churches, missions, ministries use this free blog service to communicate with congregations, supporters, newsletters, ministry reports. Christians use this free blog service to host a blog without ad banners objectionable to believers. Start your free blog today.  See menu buttons above for help or instructions.

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