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Apr 28

Political Campaign, Campaign Reform, Politics, Government

  American Spiritual People are Sensible Voters. Let’s Fix What is Wrong With #Political Campaigns, #Politics, and #Government! “WE THE PEOPLE” No Longer Have A “GOVERNMENT OF BY AND FOR THE PEOPLE.” It is time for “WE THE PEOPLE”  to fix it!   I am an ‘ordinary American’ who would rather try and do something about the problem than …

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Jan 24

“The Shack” Book To Become A Movie

Christian Book The Shack

William (Wm) P Young’s Book, The Shack  to be made into a movie. The book The Shack offers a profoundly provocative look at spirituality and how God can be encountered in non-traditional ways. The Shack is a gripping and inspiring read for those who may be Atheist, Agnostic or non-traditional spiritual seeker. The book is available on …

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Jun 29

Same Sex Marriage: Government v. the Church?

The Supreme Court striking down Same Sex Marriage Bans has brought the Christian Church to a new level of confrontation with Government.  This is a precipice into which the Church just might jump in – violating its own charter. Let me be clear. I know that the bible condemns a great number of behaviors, as …

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Feb 18

Economy To Get Worse Before It Gets Better?

I shared an email with a friend recently. It was a quote from Charles Swindoll about Attitude Determining Altitude. I was trying to share “HOPE”… He replied with brief thanks for the encouragement……. … and then he went right on to share a link to a HORRIBLE VIDEO NEWS REPORT about how the economy is …

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Jan 20

One Nation, Under God – The Lincoln Bible, MLK, & Dreams

. Today is a historic day in our U S of A. We swear in a new President.  A Black President. Barack Hussein Obama insists on using Lincoln’s Bible.  Lincoln was certainly the progenitor of Emancipation.  I imagine this is the impetus.  There is no escaping the references to Martin Luther King either.  His dream …

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