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Jul 17

God Answers All Prayers

Consider The Lily

God Answers All Prayers I asked God: For peace… Then I lost my stressful job. For money… Then my wife got paid. For a new job… Then the garden needed weeded. For abundant life…. Then the whole garden bloomed. For healing… Then my heartaches quieted. For strength… Then people called to ask for help. For …

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Jun 29

Have You Graduated From Church?

I have “GRADUATED” From Church. Just Like Jesus. ~ Suffered and Crucified by God’s People ~ Today I Reign WITH Christ ~ Today I sit at the Right Hand of the Father ~ I don’t need A “Priest” any more to connect with God. How About You? Go ahead. Fall out the TOP and join …

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Feb 18

Economy To Get Worse Before It Gets Better?

I shared an email with a friend recently. It was a quote from Charles Swindoll about Attitude Determining Altitude. I was trying to share “HOPE”… He replied with brief thanks for the encouragement……. … and then he went right on to share a link to a HORRIBLE VIDEO NEWS REPORT about how the economy is …

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Jan 06

On Suffering and Blessing ?

. . Many Christians seem to think that “suffering for Christ” is somehow a greater virtue than “Reigning with Christ” Yes, we are saved and redeemed.  Yes we are promised that there will be trials.  Yes, we are called to overcome suffering and persecution (which will surely happen in this world)… But..  My question is …

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Dec 03

When the going is tough…. Good things happen!

From daily email today:  Pretty good stuff! ############ Sometimes, when you’re feeling your lowest, the real you is summoned. And you understand, maybe for the first time ever, how grand you are, because you discover that vulnerable doesn’t mean powerless, scared doesn’t mean lacking in beauty, and uncertainty doesn’t mean that you’re lost. These …

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