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Jul 17

God Answers All Prayers

Consider The Lily

God Answers All Prayers I asked God: For peace… Then I lost my stressful job. For money… Then my wife got paid. For a new job… Then the garden needed weeded. For abundant life…. Then the whole garden bloomed. For healing… Then my heartaches quieted. For strength… Then people called to ask for help. For …

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Jul 15

A Prayer About the Presidential Election

This is my prayer concerning the 2016 USA Presidential Election. Dear Lord:  Please tell someone who ISN’T Crazy to run for President of the Unites States. Amen!  

Jun 29

Freedom From Religion?

Do you need to BREAK FREE from religion in order to discover the truth of your spiritual power? FREEDOM and LIFE are what most religions promise. However, you can only hope for these as long as you “DESIRE to be DIVINE”. Religion apparently doesn’t work if you actually get there. So they don’t let you …

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Jun 29

Do You Need a Miracle Today?

Do you need a miracle today? If you ARE truly Divine, what does that mean? Are you looking everywhere else but to your own personal spirit power? PAUSE. REWIND. PLAY AGAIN. Are you AWARE of Your Divinity? STOP. Are you acting like it?  What would that look like? Why not give it a try? On …

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Jun 29

Did You Get the Holy Memo?

God set me free from the law of paying for my mistakes. He gave me power to release others, perform miracles, heal the blind, and help the lame to walk. He did this for you too. Did you get the memo? Did you take the class?  It’s called the Theological College of Hard Knocks and …

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