Jul 20

Christian Blog – Blogging in the Name of Jesus

The older I get, the less I know. I don’t know much for sure, but I know this.

Jesus is alive! He walks the earth today, alive in me, and alive for you.

If you believe in your heart and profess with your mouth then He is alive in you as well.

Jesus is teaching, loving, saving, leading, discipling, reigning at the right hand of the Father and inviting us to continue his work. On my best days, I am Christ, The Way, The Truth, and The Light – for somebody, for at least a few precious moments.

What about you? Can you walk on water? Can you overcome things that would drown a mere mortal?

Can you heal the Sick? Do the spirits obey you? Are you a believer who is ALIVE?

Believers are transformed by the Spirit to do greater things than Christ did when he walked the earth 2000 years ago. This is not a faith for the timid. We are to be BOLD and DO EXPLOITS.

Do you have a story about how Christ saved you from a living hell and gave you a new life? What do you do with this new life? Please use this Blog to share your story to inspire others!

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