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Comparing Spirituality to Religion: What is the Difference?

Comparing Spirituality to Religion: What is the Difference?

Comparing Spirituality to ReligionSpirituality is a component of personal awareness of, connection to, and mastery of a greater love, truth, and wisdom than the self serving Ego.

Spirituality is a PERSONAL matter and practice.

The spiritual PERSON develops a way of perceiving and experiencing the world from a larger view than ego.  The spiritual person develops a and set of PERSONAL habits and practices intended to help with a quest for truth, knowledge, and love.  The state of spiritual development may begin with the simplest desire to embark on that quest., advance to an important motivation and drive, or culminate in advanced accomplishment of understanding that can even appear other-worldly, strangely powerful while also uncommonly wise and peaceful.  One can be spiritual without being religious at all.

Religion is an institution or group practice

Religion is an organized scheme of lessons, practices and beliefs designed at least in theory by spiritually advanced persons to serve or help the seeking spiritual person find what they seek as long as what is being sought and the method of seeking is approved of by the religious leaders of that religion. Religion becomes a school of thought, a social experience, a culture or subculture that can be helpful to the seeker.  But it can also be judgmental toward other religions and confining – even failing so badly as to convince members to become so dependent that they cannot think for themselves nor complete their spiritual quest.

Here is the difference in stark comparison


Jesus was a spiritual man.  The Pharisee and Sadducee  of his day were the religious leaders.  About them Jesus said, “You travel the ends of the earth to make a convert, but then with your rules you make them twice as much a son of hell as they were in the beginning.”


I am afraid most “Churches” today, whether Christian of any flavor – Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant as well as the many others including Islam, Hebrew, Oriental and etc et. al have fallen victim to the same problems that were suffered by the Pharisee and the Sadducee of Christ’s Day.  But the remnant, the souls that are aware, may yet teach a better way to at least one other…. hmmm ?


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