May 13

I am God ?


Hello?  This may shake some of you.  It may sound like Heresy.  Don’t leave in disgust…  Let’s talk about it!

If Christianity teaches that we should all want to be Like Christ, or Christlike, then let’s consider:

Christ said, if you have seen ME you have seen the FATHER.  Hmm….  What if we said that?

This gets dangeriously close to the new age position, I AM GOD…  But… It’s a fulfillment of the teaching that we should die so Christ may live.

What do you make of this?  Dangerous waters?  Anybody want to go for a walk?

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  1. jordan

    Hello. I appreciate this subject. Much has been, and can be, said about our spirituality and witness to the world.

    Most would agree a claim such as, “I am GOD” would prove a hindrance in our witness. The more familiar saying, ” I die, so Christ might live” is critical in our daily walk. Our focus is the key. We are to be “other-centered”, not self-centered. Dying to ourselves and allowing Christ to live through us is a central teaching in our faith. The key is to reflect God’s image, resurrected at salvation. As we grow in our faith, love, and understanding of His Word, our lives take on new meaning and purpose. We are to love God and others above ourselves.

    The danger I see is the language and understanding we use when addressing new believers and the world. New-agers have taken spirituality, as expressed in many religions, and offered it to the world as a means of “self-saving” grace. Control is the foundational issue in their teaching. This is adverse to Christ’s teaching.

    We are to “die” to ourselves everyday, so that Christ may live through us. His purpose is to draw us ever closer into an intimate relationship with Himself, the Father, and the Holy Spirit, and to use us as witnesses to the world around us of His love, essence, character, and transcendence. We are “God’s”.

  2. admin

    Jordan: This is well put, and yes, we are God’s….

    But I really want to explore rather than dodge the first part of my question.

    The Word says we are gods. Granted, that’s little “g” gods, not Big “G” gods. Hmmm….. Maybe we have none but King James to thank for this?

    Anyway, if we are to be like Christ then can we say, without fear or shame,

    “If you have seen me you have seen the Father”?

    How about

    “I am the way, the truth, and the light…”?

    Does my faith aspire to this and retain humility? Yes. Do I accomplish this? For exhilarating moments at a time when others are attracted toward the kingdom through me. Is it inspiring enough to help me keep my witness? Absolutely.

    After once reaching this height of spiritual realization, why should I have to get off that horse and get back down on the ground to let the old man in me run the show as though I have not been transformed by the Holy Spirit?

    The old man is conditioned to be unworthy and ashamed of past failures. The old man is son of man, human, mortal, shaped by family of origin issues, childhood abuse, faulty vision (through a glass darkly).

    The new creation is son of God, by the blood of Christ, and not by works. The new creation sees me through God’s eyes, made holy and precious, worth-dying-for in order to set-me-free of the law of sin and death. The new creation will do more than Christ did – according to the Word.

    I cannot earn it, but I do not shrink from the wonderful glory of being found worthy to become a joint heir and fellow son in the Kingdom with my brother, Jesus.

    We are One with the One even as Christ was One with the One. Oh my. And so… When I say, I no longer live but Christ lives in me – then I can say if you have seen me you have seen the Father.

    Like Elisha, i want to put on the cloak of the teacher (elijah in his case and Jesus in mine) and carry on the work.

    Can it be that if Christ was Emmanuel, God with us.. and now, I am, (and every believer is), Emmanuel, God with us.

    Yes? No? More thoughts?

  3. jordan

    Definitely food for thought.

    I believe I’d like to back up some in our discussion regarding the first part of your comments. To what scripture are you referring when you state the Word says we’re gods?

    This is a great topic to discuss. I hope more join in.

  4. admin

    Well, I KNOW the WORD but am terrible with chapter and verse references.

    Since Google is a good source (it searches online bibles and such) I googled the phrase from memory

    “do you not know that you are gods”

    RESULTS: http://www.google.com/#hl=en&q=%22do+you+not+know+you+are+gods%22&fp=EPM4eul9pXk


    See also another blogger’s take on this –

    Permalink: http://www.strongwords.ca/files/weblog_09_04.htm

    This is the kind of statement that gets Christians all bent out of shape. They’ll tell you that the divinity of man is a pagan belief, it’s blasphemous, idolatrous and on and on. Actually, it’s in the Bible. In fact, if you study the Bible, you’d have to be obstinate to ignore it. It pisses me off that this is one of the hardest kept secrets of the Judeo-Christian tradition.

    Jesus himself used this sentence, “Have I not told you that you are gods?” (John 10:34) as part of the argument that got him into deep hot water with the Pharisees, those former day fundamentalists. He was saying, because you know the law, you should realize that it’s a god-like responsibility to be a human being. Anyone, like the Pharisees, who denies this is trying to deny their own responsibility for what they do and say, and also has the hidden ressentimental desire to keep others down and feeling lousy about themselves.

    The idea that we are gods (quoted from Psalm 82:6) might also be seen as an acceptance that there’s no going back to Edenic innocence, no stopping the fact that as the serpent promised, “[we now know] good and evil.” So Jesus might even be saying that this state of “knowing good and evil” is not as bad as everyone seems to think it is.

    But I dare say you’ll never hear a sermon that gives adequate quarter to John 10:34. The idea is just too scary for us.

  5. admin

    Now this may be a bit ‘out there’, but she has the bible part right….


    Jesus asked us, “Do you not know you are gods?” (John 10:34-35; Ps. 82:6)…Jesus also said, “Whoever believes in me will do the works I do, and even greater ones.” (John 14:12).

  6. admin

    Here is a fascinating study on some of this.

    See http://www.thedivinecouncil.com/

  7. mister2mike

    Oh yes very dangerous indeed. But yes I’d agree we should die to ourselves so Christ may live through us Gal. 2:20 but never will we become gods. Never!

  8. admin


    Thanks for commenting. Wondering if you had a chance to read the other comments that came before yours?

    Jesus himself used this sentence, “Have I not told you that you are gods?” (John 10:34)

    What do you make of this?

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