Feb 07

Is the “Church” wrecking Christianity?


Is the “CHURCH” wrecking Christianity by corrupting the message of Christ?

Do denominations and pastors use a supposed superior knowledge of spiritual things to control and exploit the weak?

Is it all a control game to keep spiritual power away from the common person?

Or is it merely that the CHURCH is made up of imperfect people doing the best they can with what they have?

Do CHURCHES fulfill the great commission and make the world a better place

Your thoughts?

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  1. dancer4jesus

    Church: the body of all Christian believers.

    I think as humans we are going to have a hard time doing the right thing all the time. As Paul said, I do the things I don’t want to do, and I don’t do the things I want to do. Churches have been given a tall order, we are to represent Christ, teach His people, provide safety and a home, and continuing to call on Christ in all things. Of course there are going to be people, or even entire churches, who mess up. Do the wrong thing, hurt people and miss the point. But then again, we rally, we try, we persevere and with Christ we can anything!

    I suppose then, that my point is we have to hope that the Church will make it through. And then we have to help. Do our best! Move on from the mistakes that have been made, forgive as Christ forgives, and follow Him more closely.

    Those are my thoughts…

  2. tjustleft

    Yes I believe it is. God warned us about it and for good reason. Our modern churches have become just the Jews of Jesus’ day.

    More emphasis is placed on what men believe or think than what God commands. Even after Jesus said He was not here to destroy the law many church leaders tell us that the Ten Commandments are just a moral code or has been done away with. Just believe in Christ, try to be good and love everyone, and you’ll be o.k.

    So much of what I have heard preached is unbiblical. Sadly many let it happen to them without question. They forget to prove what they have been taught. All we have to do is actually read The Bible ourselves. And not just look at some passage the preacher mentioned so we can feel good but read on searching for truth. Don’t be afraid to question what is taught in church. Jesus wasn’t.

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