Sep 18

On The Economy – How America Turned Socialist, while the President Winked at the Crew that Gutted Free Enterprise In The Name of Greed

Well, the economy is in quite a mess…  It seems like it might be time for some wisdom on the subject.

I could just give you the BULLET on this post, and tell you that FEAR OF GOD is the beginning of wisdom, and that there is nothing new under the sun, and that we can count on heaven for answers….

But I without a lot of background, or at least a little buildup it might not carry much weight.  So here goes the long answer….

Before I start, let’s dispense with a popular myth. Christians aren’t supposed to be political…. or is it that Politicians are not supposed to be Christians?

What is that?  You say “Faith should be a private matter?”

That road leads to hell for many… so Speak UP if you BELIEVE!

OK… now that we got this far, let’s talk about the economy and wisdom.


First, Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. After that, it’s all “vanity” and “chasing of wind” because “there is nothing new under the sun”.

OK,  That about sums it all up… Right? Well, almost.

I believe God can fix this mess, but I am sure not counting on the Federal Reserve, the GOP, or the Democratic Candidates for American Idol…  Er… I mean….  President of the United States of America.

First let’s talk about “NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN

Here’s the part that really chaps my underside….. The current situation is supposed to be FIXED because The Federal Reserve Board DROPPED CREDIT STANDARDS AND LIQUIDITY REQUIREMENTS for banks to borrow money from the U.S. Government.

Now, I ask you – Isn’t DROPPING CREDIT STANDARDS AND LIQUIDITY REQUIREMENTS on home loans what caused most of this mess in the first place?  The answer is yes.  And isn’t it likely that the lender in such markets will end up not getting paid?  Again, the answer is yes.  And aren’t bankers supposed to be smarter than this?  Yes, the answer is yes.

How can our Politicians believe that allowing the US Treasury to behave in EXACTLY the same way that the failing banks behaved will fix the problem? Isn’t the USA now following the same game plan that caused all the problems at BANKS and INSURANCE COMPANIES in the first place?  Oh, heck, I think they said…. “We can’t charge enough interest to people with good credit, so let’s LEND MONEY to all those people who cannot manage money – and just charge more interest than ever!”  This was the greed that led to the SubPrime Mortgage Meltdown – as it is now being called.  This greed is exactly what the Federal Reserve Board just exercised by lending money to AIG for 11 percent interest.  It’s kind of like a SUB PRIME FEDERAL BANK LOAN WITH EXTRA FEES.  They could have let the company go under, and let the insurance industry backup pool pay the insurance benefits, and probably should have.  But no… they saw a chance to charge 11% interest – or take control of the largest pool of money in the financial world (banking and insurance industries) and decided to go for it.  If enough of them do pay us back, it will all be OK…  right?  WRONG.

How is this RE-RUN going to fix the fallout?

Now for WISDOM

Is this even more ridiculous? Did the Federal Reserve Bank and Treasury Secretary just make a deal with AIG to buy 80% of the stock in a company that was ABOUT TO GO UNDER?  Did they really invest $85 BILLION US DOLLARS in something that was failing?  Did Uncle Sam REALLY BUY A COMPANY THAT NOBODY ELSE WANTEd ?  Did they effectively turn the private company into a government owned entity?  This is a slippery slope that leads to a socialized insurance system – which is the biggest pool of money in the world outside the vatican.    AND THEY DID IT WITHOUT CONSULTING WITH OR EVEN INFORMING CONGRESS AT ALL?

Did they really?  Yes they did!

In other words, there are no checks and balances that apply, and congress is not really running the country – but apparently one man is.  His name is Bernanke.  Or is he a Bush Puppet?  Greenspan was not… but now look at what we have….

Consider:  Greenspan was a republican purist who did not believe it was Government’s place to over-regulate financial markets.  He refused to exercise some of actions Bush or even congress wanted him to exercise – because he believed in a free market…. Now Bernanke spends $85 Billion at a time without even consulting congress.  Hmmmm……

Is Bernanke working WITH Bush and without Congress?  Hmmmm…..  Is this the last gasp effort of “THE NEW WORLD ORDER” to seize power before it’s latest poster child leaves office?  G W B is, as we all know, a card carrying member of the OLD BOY NETWORK….  (READ: OLD MONEY crowd – or Illuminati).

Guess what…  Uncle Sam is now taking over the biggest buckets of cash in the USA and making it look like it is somehow a nice thing for them to do.  George won’t be able to sleep at night after he leaves office unless they give it back…..  Maybe George will request a nice ransom to let these guys off the hook right before he leaves office.  This sounds like a mafia technique I heard of once….  Some old guys would get desperate near the end of their life and and grab a friend by the cajones – squeezing until the guy coughs up some bucks to make you go away.  In exchange the old guy would give them back their comfort and safety…  Of course, the old man has to leave town afterward, or somebody comes looking for him when he is sleeping…

This is a time for God to shine his light on the darkness that is overcoming us. This is a time for Christians to voice the wisdom God provides.  This is a time to clean house in Washington.  We may need to impeach this crew EVEN BEFORE our president elect is supposed to take office, in order to maintain freedom and FREE ENTERPRISE in America.

Of course, if you would rather live in a Socialist Country… just do nothing.  We just took a giant step in that direction, and they US Govt now controls an awful lot of cash that was supposed to be used to pay out life insurance and other claims…  If Uncle Sam will let you lose your house, while bailing out the bank who did this to you, then what will Uncle Sam do with your retirement savings, or your life insurance policy?  Hmmmm….

As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.

Look to the skies and call on our God for a mighty war on stupidity…  Let wisdom come to rule over the spirit of panic.  Selah

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