Jan 20

One Nation, Under God – The Lincoln Bible, MLK, & Dreams


Today is a historic day in our U S of A.

We swear in a new President.  A Black President.

Barack Hussein Obama insists on using Lincoln’s Bible.  Lincoln was certainly the progenitor of Emancipation.  I imagine this is the impetus.  There is no escaping the references to Martin Luther King either.  His dream for racial equality in America seems to have matured into a reality.

It’s kind of odd, to be so focused on racial symbolism when this candidate all but avoided Race as in issue during his campaign.  Barack, like many before him, seems to have campaigned on one set of values and then changed his tune a bit once elected.  His budget and recovery package ideas are already set to cost double or triple what he spoke of during the campaign.  And now race is a big issue instead of a non-issue.

It’s obvious that this would be a proud moment for Black Americans, and I certainly marvel at it.  I don’t begrudge it in any way.  It just happens that I preferred it be a non issue.  Isn’t that the point of racial equality anyway?

But this is still America, and I trust that the race card will soon go back into the deck of cards Obama has been dealt, or is dealing from…  Whatever comes, Barack cannot permit race to be a lightning rod for criticism of his handling of the historical and monumental challenges facing his new Presidency.

And so I ask….  is race even an issue?  Really?  Don’t we all have a dream?

I have a dream for an America led by a servant of the Most High God.  I look for One who can bring favor and blessing of the Almighty on our land.  I dream of One who can marshall the angels from the four corners of the heavens, and bring healing, hope, spring rain to a parched land.

Oh, yes – let there be a recovery plan, a job corp, and international diplomacy.  But even more, let the fervent prayers of the Righteous rise to our Father in heaven like smoke of incense from the alter of uncut and living stones.

We who believe are the living stones.

We are ready, as a nation, for a new chapter in our mission to be a light on a hill.

And so, I pray – Let there be light!

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