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“The Shack” Book To Become A Movie

Christian Book The ShackWilliam (Wm) P Young’s Book,
The Shack  to be made
into a movie.

The book The Shack offers a profoundly provocative look at spirituality and how God can be encountered in non-traditional ways. The Shack is a gripping and inspiring read for those who may be Atheist, Agnostic or non-traditional spiritual seeker.

The book is available on e-readers such as Kindle, Audible, as well as in hardcover or paperback, at Amazon.com

This is the Amazon.com Description of:The Shack,

“Mackenzie Allen Phillips’s youngest daughter, Missy, has been abducted during a family vacation, and evidence that she may have been brutally murdered is found in an abandoned shack deep in the Oregon wilderness. Four years later, in this midst of his great sadness, Mack receives a suspicious note, apparently from God, inviting him back to that shack for a weekend. Against his better judgment he arrives at the shack on wintry afternoon and walks back into his darkest nightmare. What he finds there will change his life forever.”


Watch The Shack,– unofficial Movie Trailer From Youtube… I will try to post a newer one soon.

Dec 22

Christmas Meditation

A Meditation for Christmas:

Sons and Daughters of God…

What Do You With All That Divinity?

Christmas Meditation

Aug 31

Spiritual Maturity and Chronological Age

Spiritual Maturity is generally a function of chronological age.

Spiritual Maturity Comes With Age

Spiritual Maturity Comes With Age

Spiritual Maturity is not always a function of chronological age, but generally, that’s how it works.

Some young people at age 25 or 30 are wise beyond their years,  But no matter what spiritual path one takes, the general principles of spiritual maturity are most often manifested by those who have acquired the wisdom that come with experience.

Those who are mature in years tend to have had experiences that help them understand, incorporate and demonstrate the fruit of the spirit, or the actions that are in concert with the highest ideals of their value and belief system.

It is easy when young to extol the virtues of spiritual maturity, but at this time of life the proclamations are generally conceptual or theoretical.  Yes, forgiveness or tolerance are good ideas.  But have you forgiven somebody from bankrupting you? Or from character assassination in the community or workplace?  Have you forgiven a lover who became an adulterer or adulteress?  Have you forgiven a manager who was insensitive, egocentric, and cruel? Have you forgiven yourself for youthful indiscretions or things you wish you hadn’t done?  Have you made amends to a friend for hurting them when you didn’t mean to do that?

In the famous bible parable of the adulteress caught in the act, for which the standard penalty was stoning to death, Christ said, “let the one without sin cast the first stone”.  Here it is noted that the older men turned away and left the scene first.  This is spiritual maturity on display. With age comes the wisdom to know that all men are capable and able, and even guilty of acting out a glitch in the system.  The bible calls it sin.  But that is just one word to describe how we manage to fall short of our own innate greatness.

We are each born to greatness.  We are created in the very image of God or the Supreme Spirit by whatever name you know him or her, or to fulfill an important destiny.  Perhaps we are just born to be as we are without falling to social pressures to be what parents or society wants us to be?  Our very DNA creates a possibility of success in some areas more than others.  Our nurture shapes the spiritual being we become.  But regardless of the inner program, or the socially modified program, we manage to pursue our own best interest along the way.  And sometimes that means we hurt somebody or violate the general rules of society or propriety.  It’s easy to be human instead of spiritual, if you understand my meaning.

Babies have a lot to learn.  Young people have a lot to learn.  Older people still have a lot to lean, judging by the amount of judgment and finger pointing that goes on.  But older people tend to have acquired a maturity along the way leaving them with less to learn about living, moving, and acting in the best interest of spiritual good.

To be aware of the greatness inside of each person, to be truly free of criticism of others, to take life as it comes, to live out or inner design, these are the goals of spiritual maturity.

To help others escape the lies that once held us captive is to understand Plato’s “Parable Of The Cave” or Christ’s exhortation to go and make disciples.  Buda wants you to know that you are already there – the answers are already in you and around you if you accept this revelation.

Not much has changed in thousands of years.  It takes many years for the most advanced spirits to become truly free of social and religious dogma and doctrine and truly achieve the personal stature of being spiritually powerful.  Each of us is “a God”.  Each of us are able to choose between good and evil.  Each of us can bring more spiritual truth to this human experience in the world we live in.  But the older you are, the better your chances are of understanding and living this.

So, with this truth, I rest my case.  No matter what the tradition, advancing age assists spiritual maturity.


Jul 30

All Creation One With God, Eternally

All Creation One With God Eternally

All Creation One With God, Eternally

“All Creation Is One With God, Eternally!

There Is no Need To Revisit Yesterday Or Battle With Tomorrow.

There Is No Need To Be Somewhere Else.

Pure Being Has No Need At All.

This is Peace.Divine, To Be where You Are, In This One Eternal Moment.

Being Together With God, We Are Being God together.”

…Charles Brite ~ www.Facebook.com/britewords

Jul 20

Gratitude Determines Spiritual Altitude



If gratitude determines spiritual altitude then maybe we should take a closer look at the subject?

Gratitude is often misunderstood.

Many believe we “SHOULD” be grateful because God told us we should.  I submit that the very sense of compulsion ruins the effort.

Others believe that God WANTS us to be grateful.  But this again misses the point.  Trying to be grateful is not truly useful.

Being in a state of gratitude is not something we do FOR God.  Being in a state of gratitude is something God makes possible.

The benefit of Gratitude begins as our own.  The sense of fullness and abundance that flows from this state will overflow from us to others.

This grace state could be understood in today’s language as channeling a kingdom moment – not only for self but for those around us.

“Some say “Practicing the presence of God”.  But practicing sounds like trying – and as Yoda said, “there is no try – only do or do not do”.

Some say “Achieving Nirvana”, “Being With God”, or “Walking with God”.  These make more sense to me as being closer to the truth. Some say gratitude brings God to this earth.  Some say it transports us to the Heavens.  Some say it is “Reigning with God”.   I like all of these, but I believe there is more to the power of gratitude than all of these efforts to express the result.

In the fullness of spiritual expression, embodying gratitude means being together with God who looked upon all creation and said, “It is Good”.  Said yet another way, if God is Being, and if we are created in his image, and we are being with Him, then it follows that “He and we are Being God together”.  Let me repeat.  “If God is Being and We are Being with God then we are Being God together”.

When we choose to let turn focus away from negativity, ego desires, grudges, and problems that are all around… we can find plenty to be grateful for.  But don’t do it FOR God.  And don’t ‘try’.

You don’t need to list and let go of bad thoughts, one by one as a pre-requisite.  You don’t need to focus on getting rid of wrong attitudes.  You don’t have to conquer your shortcomings first.  Such a focus nourishes the troubling spirits and makes them even bolder. These battles belong to God and are all won when “He and we are Being God Together”.

Back to the peanuts illustration above, borrowed from Jack Canfield…  What if, Today, We Were All Grateful For Everything”?  That would change the world!

So, how do we do this?  IT’s much simpler than you have been taught.  Be still.  Know that He is God.  Focus on whatsoever is true, whatsoever is pure, whatsoever is lovely, and whatsoever is of good report.  These too are all around.  Do it for yourself.  Hold the moment until you overflow.  Then share!

Charles Brite



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