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American Spiritual People are Sensible Voters. Let’s Fix What is Wrong With #Political Campaigns, #Politics, and #Government!

“WE THE PEOPLE” No Longer Have A

It is time for “WE THE PEOPLE”  to fix it!   I am an ‘ordinary American’ who would rather try and do something about the problem than whine and cry about the political problems in America.

Are you as FED UP as I am that our government has become a country club and back room legislating machine catering to the Lords & Ladies of American Royalty at the expense of the common man and the great American Middle Class?

Are you as DISGUSTED as I am that our current political parties cannot get the necessary work of government done because they are too busy making fundraising calls and calling each other names?

 Do YOU want something done about:

– How our Political Campaign Process works?
– How Corporations and Wealthy individuals buy votes?
– How our elected officials serve themselves?
– The rape and pillage of the American Middle Class

Would you like to see a NEW POLITICAL PARTY: 

– Work With Others To Do What Is Right?
– Fix campaign process and campaign funding
– Impose term limits on senators and congressmen
– Overhaul the code of ethics in government
– Put an end to self dealing for those elected
– Require that they serve the will of the people.

Will you share?   Would you help?  Every little bit will help.  Your  $5 or  $10 combined with everybody else can make the difference.  If you can send a little more, or a lot more, then God Bless The USA!

With your support, this first round of funding will be used to start the process of properly and legally organizing a political party.  The party name can be determined by vote of the supporters.  At this time I propose:


Once organized, we can raise additional funds to hire the right people to move this vision forward.  This is a huge task, and will take a lot of money over time, but the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time – so let’s take this one step at a time, together.

The overall goal of the new party will be to encourage ordinary Americans to run for office and support our ideals.  We will also work in future elections to obtain pledges from political candidates at all levels to support our goals as part of their campaign platform and agenda.

When we have enough candidates singing our song, we will then finish the process of becoming a valid Political Party in our own right, providing Branding, Positioning, Voice, Message, and Congressional Action to fix our broken political system.

Is this just an idle fantasy?  Maybe?  But it is also how government is supposed to work.  We the People are supposed to represented not robbed.  Ordinary people with a passion for creating a great country and a better world started our government, and it is time we take it back from the ridiculous state it is in now.

What if your $5, $10. $20 could  help restore the American Dream?  It just might get the ball rolling in the right direction.

Why not skip buying one lottery ticket or skip one movie or one pizza and send us a few bucks to help restore the political system to one that our founding fathers intended.

The Great American Middle Class is the only class that can rescue the Middle Class.  Let’s Restore a GOVERNMENT OF BY AND FOR THE PEOPLE – Together!

Supporters will receive a graphic logo to display proudly on social media to help spread the world!

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