Jun 29

Same Sex Marriage: Government v. the Church?

Loving LGBTThe Supreme Court striking down Same Sex Marriage Bans has brought the Christian Church to a new level of confrontation with Government.  This is a precipice into which the Church just might jump in – violating its own charter.

Let me be clear. I know that the bible condemns a great number of behaviors, as insulting to God and his holiness.

There was a time when it was not possible for mortals to truly know or approach God because of the concept that God cannot look upon sin.  Animal sacrifices provided ‘scapegoats’ to pay the price of believer’s transgressions..  But these sacrifices did not really purify the spirit.  They became empty rituals.  And the people remained dependent on a priest in order to try to understand God.

Prohibited behavior includes wearing tattoos, wearing gold, eating pork, telling lies, having sex outside of marriage, committing adultery, homosexuality, and divorce – among others.  While not addressed exactly, we can presume that Same Sex Marriage is prohibited.  But most churches will apply grace and love to cover most of these behaviors.  But in cases including Same Sex Marriage and LGBT behavior, so-called “Christians” seem eager to stop loving and start point a condemning finger at others. This is not what Christ taught.

We now have Christ as intercessor.  Jesus paid the price for all of time for all acts that create separation from God, including the ones you or I have imagined in our hearts.  The bible does say that, “God loves each one”, and, “love covers a multitude of sins”.

We do not need a priest, or a ritual work.  We can enter the holy of holies ourselves now, with Christ as our advocate.  If God cannot see any sin that is removed by the grace of salvation then that means there is nothing left inside us to offend his holiness.  We may all approach the throne boldly as joint heirs of the King.

Grace means unmerited favor.  We do not deserve nor earn this grace.  And we cannot keep it away from others.  So….   Love One Another.  This simple three word sentence sums up the whole Gospel.  It is an entire message.

If the Christian Church opposes government on this same-sex marriage ruling, then it may well violate another teaching of the Bible. We are told to respect our leaders and our government.  We are told they are placed over us by God’s own hand and serves at his pleasure to do his bidding.  We are to give to Caesar what is due Caesar and give to God what is due to God.  Government and Religion are clearly seen by God as distinctly separate and yet working together for the good of all.  Marriage as a spiritual event is before God.  Marriage as a civil union recognized by Government is something else.  In understanding this difference, can we pray for and find unity?

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  1. admin

    People have said that a ruling on Same Sex Marriage is not within the proper scope of Government authority. Many would want to use the Bible as their sole authority. First, this is exclusionary to a great number of people whom God loves. Second, religion is not government, and we have found in the course of human history that we need both religion and government for a society to flourish.

    I submit that it is the job of Government to provide for rule of law to maintain social and economic stability as best it can. Same sex marriage is obviously not procreative. For this reason it does not address the social good arguments for traditional marriage. I am not a great fan, but neither do I believe it is my place to judge.

    Tolerance is a great aspect of a melting pot society.

    For the good of society, including legal and economic stability, we probably ought to allow domestic partners to receive next of kin treatment, insurance settlements, and government benefits. IMHO.

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