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Aug 02

Old Blogs Open for 3 Days Only

Our old blogs are now open again, for 3 days only, to allow former bloggers the chance to recover their old content. HISTORY: As a God honoring site, we had to close the old blogs when they were overrun by porn and drug spammers, etc. The abuse was too rampant and concerted for us to …

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Jul 26

Knowing ABOUT God vs HOW TO BE GOD

Fair warning. This one will probably shake you a bit. At least it will shake many who think they know what it means to live their faith. There is a big difference between knowing ABOUT something and knowing HOW TO DO something. I can know everything ABOUT a sport, but not be able to play …

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Jul 22

Christian Blog – Smoking and Drinking?

Christians should……  Christians shouldn’t….  What about smoking and drinking? Are these serious problems, or will they fold as meaningless criticisms the same way card playing, dancing, or mixed gender swimming once did?

Jul 21

Churches getting wider but shallower?

The Church is alive in America, but is it well? Small churches die. Large churches get larger. Many people attend and worship and feel good. But is the world being transformed? Or is it teaching for itching ears? Is the church relevant in our world? Well? Is it relevant in yours? Let’s hear about it.

Jun 10

Christian Blogs – The Best Kind

The best kind of Christian Blogs are Testimonies.  As believers, we are supposed to be IN the world, but not OF the world.  What does this mean?  It means we should not be far away in monasteries or removed from the day to day struggles of life.  We should have the same issues other people have.  …

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