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Jun 29

Do You Need a Miracle Today?

Do you need a miracle today? If you ARE truly Divine, what does that mean? Are you looking everywhere else but to your own personal spirit power? PAUSE. REWIND. PLAY AGAIN. Are you AWARE of Your Divinity? STOP. Are you acting like it?  What would that look like? Why not give it a try? On …

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Aug 06

Free Christian Blog Relaunch

Welcome to our new, free blog hosting platform. If you had a blog in the past at www.e4God.com/blogs/ then you need to know that those blogs are about to be deleted. To save your old blog – log in as though you were going to post, find the MANAGE link on men in control panel, …

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Aug 02

Old Blogs Open for 3 Days Only

Our old blogs are now open again, for 3 days only, to allow former bloggers the chance to recover their old content. HISTORY: As a God honoring site, we had to close the old blogs when they were overrun by porn and drug spammers, etc. The abuse was too rampant and concerted for us to …

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Jul 23

Tell Me The Stories of Jesus!

Do you have a story about how Jesus changed your life, your family, or your city?  Were there miracles?  Healings?  Amazing Transformations?  Maybe it was simple but profound?  The Stories of Jesus include personal testimonies, news reports, and ministry reports.  One of our God given goals is to build the world’s largest collection of online testimonies here …

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Jun 11

Free Christian Blogs – What’s Next?

Free Blogs – Christian Blogs, Growing up? Ten years ago I started a web hosting company.  Due to my sense of calling in this regard, the first web site I set up was www.e4God.com.  At the time, it was a message board site.  Soon it became the only Christian Blogging site where a believer could get a …

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