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Jul 15

A Prayer About the Presidential Election

This is my prayer concerning the 2016 USA Presidential Election. Dear Lord:  Please tell someone who ISN’T Crazy to run for President of the Unites States. Amen!  

Jun 29

Don’t Go to Church ~ Be the Church

EASTER REFLECTIONS OF A MATURE SPIRIT: Can we be JESUS without a Church? I am going to take some flak for this, but that decision has been made. Consider: Jesus was not popular at his house of worship. There was always some kind resistance. The power of Organized Religion was on the wane. This is true …

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Jun 21

On Being Like Christ… What does that really mean?

. On “Being Like CHRIST” So many bible passages extol us to “BE LIKE CHRIST”.  So many churches and pastors and do gooders want us to BE LIKE CHRIST.  But what does this mean? The Old Testament was the Word of GOD, given to Moses, who was charged with LIVING OUT THE WORD of GOD, …

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Feb 07

Is the “Church” wrecking Christianity?

. Is the “CHURCH” wrecking Christianity by corrupting the message of Christ? Do denominations and pastors use a supposed superior knowledge of spiritual things to control and exploit the weak? Is it all a control game to keep spiritual power away from the common person? Or is it merely that the CHURCH is made up …

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Aug 27


From www.Tut.com Daily Notes, Postcards, and ScreenSavers… Here are the words, in case you cannot read them on the image below… Do you think that the Universe longs to “Give you the Kindom”? Well it doesn’t…. You See, Your Highness, That Transaction took place a long, long time ago. Tallyho! Is this too new age …

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