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Apr 28

Political Campaign, Campaign Reform, Politics, Government

  American Spiritual People are Sensible Voters. Let’s Fix What is Wrong With #Political Campaigns, #Politics, and #Government! “WE THE PEOPLE” No Longer Have A “GOVERNMENT OF BY AND FOR THE PEOPLE.” It is time for “WE THE PEOPLE”  to fix it!   I am an ‘ordinary American’ who would rather try and do something about the problem than …

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Feb 18

Economy To Get Worse Before It Gets Better?

I shared an email with a friend recently. It was a quote from Charles Swindoll about Attitude Determining Altitude. I was trying to share “HOPE”… He replied with brief thanks for the encouragement……. … and then he went right on to share a link to a HORRIBLE VIDEO NEWS REPORT about how the economy is …

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Sep 19

U.S. Govt to bail out banks but not citizens?

Prayer Call:  Ask God to cause our leaders in Washington start doing something for the people instead of for the banks who caused this mess. ########## You can read the following report from CNN any way you like. Here is how I took it:  In the latest financial market bailout news from Washington – U.S. Govt …

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Sep 18

On The Economy – How America Turned Socialist, while the President Winked at the Crew that Gutted Free Enterprise In The Name of Greed

Well, the economy is in quite a mess…  It seems like it might be time for some wisdom on the subject. I could just give you the BULLET on this post, and tell you that FEAR OF GOD is the beginning of wisdom, and that there is nothing new under the sun, and that we …

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