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Jan 24

“The Shack” Book To Become A Movie

Christian Book The Shack

William (Wm) P Young’s Book, The Shack  to be made into a movie. The book The Shack offers a profoundly provocative look at spirituality and how God can be encountered in non-traditional ways. The Shack is a gripping and inspiring read for those who may be Atheist, Agnostic or non-traditional spiritual seeker. The book is available on …

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Jul 17

God Answers All Prayers

Consider The Lily

God Answers All Prayers I asked God: For peace… Then I lost my stressful job. For money… Then my wife got paid. For a new job… Then the garden needed weeded. For abundant life…. Then the whole garden bloomed. For healing… Then my heartaches quieted. For strength… Then people called to ask for help. For …

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Jun 29

Don’t Go to Church ~ Be the Church

EASTER REFLECTIONS OF A MATURE SPIRIT: Can we be JESUS without a Church? I am going to take some flak for this, but that decision has been made. Consider: Jesus was not popular at his house of worship. There was always some kind resistance. The power of Organized Religion was on the wane. This is true …

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Jul 26

Knowing ABOUT God vs HOW TO BE GOD

Fair warning. This one will probably shake you a bit. At least it will shake many who think they know what it means to live their faith. There is a big difference between knowing ABOUT something and knowing HOW TO DO something. I can know everything ABOUT a sport, but not be able to play …

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Jul 23

My God, Your God, Same God?

When people say they talk to God, do they mean the same God that I mean when I say God? I worship the God of the Christian Bible. This Creator God is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. This one God is the Lord of Hosts and King of Kings. He is I AM. …

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