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Jun 29

Have You Graduated From Church?

I have “GRADUATED” From Church. Just Like Jesus. ~ Suffered and Crucified by God’s People ~ Today I Reign WITH Christ ~ Today I sit at the Right Hand of the Father ~ I don’t need A “Priest” any more to connect with God. How About You? Go ahead. Fall out the TOP and join …

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Jul 26

Knowing ABOUT God vs HOW TO BE GOD

Fair warning. This one will probably shake you a bit. At least it will shake many who think they know what it means to live their faith. There is a big difference between knowing ABOUT something and knowing HOW TO DO something. I can know everything ABOUT a sport, but not be able to play …

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Jul 25

All Things God-i-ful ?

All Things Work to Good.  That’s the promise we get from God. But how it works is a mystery to many – and sometimes it is a mystery to those who know God pretty well. What I am talking about is how something that looks bad today can turn out good in the long run. …

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