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Jul 15

A Prayer About the Presidential Election

This is my prayer concerning the 2016 USA Presidential Election. Dear Lord:  Please tell someone who ISN’T Crazy to run for President of the Unites States. Amen!  

Jun 29

Freedom From Religion?

Do you need to BREAK FREE from religion in order to discover the truth of your spiritual power? FREEDOM and LIFE are what most religions promise. However, you can only hope for these as long as you “DESIRE to be DIVINE”. Religion apparently doesn’t work if you actually get there. So they don’t let you …

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Dec 22

Pray for America

America needs prayer.  The economy is in worse shape than most realize.  Our president elect says it’s worse than we thought.  He plans on creating millions of jobs in a WPA type program.  That’s a good idea – but not enough… American needs prayer.  Our sons and daughters are giving their lives for a war …

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Sep 19

U.S. Govt to bail out banks but not citizens?

Prayer Call:  Ask God to cause our leaders in Washington start doing something for the people instead of for the banks who caused this mess. ########## You can read the following report from CNN any way you like. Here is how I took it:  In the latest financial market bailout news from Washington – U.S. Govt …

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Sep 03

I will not be defeated and I cannot quit!

When the enemy gets us down, it is easy to become discouraged. We climb a mountain, only to get knocked back down. We take a big chance, only to get crucified for it. We try to help somebody, and feel the rejection of their refusal to accept. We pray for somebody, only to watch them …

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