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Jun 29

Have You Graduated From Church?

I have “GRADUATED” From Church. Just Like Jesus. ~ Suffered and Crucified by God’s People ~ Today I Reign WITH Christ ~ Today I sit at the Right Hand of the Father ~ I don’t need A “Priest” any more to connect with God. How About You? Go ahead. Fall out the TOP and join …

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Jun 29

Don’t Go to Church ~ Be the Church

EASTER REFLECTIONS OF A MATURE SPIRIT: Can we be JESUS without a Church? I am going to take some flak for this, but that decision has been made. Consider: Jesus was not popular at his house of worship. There was always some kind resistance. The power of Organized Religion was on the wane. This is true …

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Dec 21

Worshipping Christ – Not Capitalism

Who needs another tacky sweater or a way to watch video on a 2″ nano screen? This Christmas, my family will worship Christ, not Capitalism. The stores and merchants will just have to do without our annual spending spree. Some family or village in Africa will get goats and chickens instead. Jesus gave his life …

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Jul 22

Christian Blog – A Place To Tell Your Story!

Christian Blogs at e4God.com exist to shine a light in the world. Books are good, and the Bible is wonderful, but chances are there is somebody near you in your life now that is “Reading” your life and your daily actions. Is there a story there that points toward God? Each of us is a …

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Jun 10

Christian Blogs – The Best Kind

The best kind of Christian Blogs are Testimonies.  As believers, we are supposed to be IN the world, but not OF the world.  What does this mean?  It means we should not be far away in monasteries or removed from the day to day struggles of life.  We should have the same issues other people have.  …

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