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  1. frebke

    It was in 2006 that I became engaged to be married; I was planning to marry and move away with my son to the city where my fiancé lived. The wedding was planned for December 26. I was packing my belongings with plans to have them shipped within a couple of weeks and one night in October, 2006 I went to church and someone who did not know of my engagement prophesied in the service telling me the Lord said the man I was about to marry was not the husband he had chosen for me. SHe said the husband God had chosen for me was a strong man of God with backbone of steel; she said he would be king of his castle and he would find me (I will never forget those words).

    I felt like someone had let the air out of me. I had met a man I wanted to be married to, I was tired of being a single mother, working so hard and I needed my son to be in college. I had the opportunity for a comfortable life with a nice Christian man. I drove home in a daze and fell on my knees before God with the intention of staying there until he spoke to me; I wanted him to confirm to me that that prophecy was not of him.

    It was sometime before morning that I must have dozed off because I saw two angels standing before me holding a ladder, they did not speak they just held the ladder before me and then they were gone. I thanked the Lord for showing me the angels and asked if he was inviting me to come up higher? He was. I also had a second vision that night and then a third after a few days. The third vision was of me standing on a cart with 2 wheels surrounded by my furniture and other belongings on the top of a very high hill outside of my fiancé’s city and I was just about to go zooming down the hill, eventually I called off the wedding.

    In the weeks that followed I had such a desire to get closer to the Lord. I spent more time in prayer and started to really apply the word of God to my life. One day I was praying and as I prayed I realized that I wanted Gods will more than I wanted my own. I started to profess my love for him as I basked in his presence, then I heard a voice that said “I am the Lord you God and I have chosen you, I will send you to the Nations. You will open your mouth and speak of me and I will show you glorious things”

    From that day my life changed, I started to experience things that was totally foreign to me, I remember walking into a room of Christians and having people I did not know walk up to me and say “Sister, I saw you in a vision”, or “Sister I had a dream about you”. Most of all I started to hear the voice of the Lord. Sometimes I heard voices singing Hosanna, Hosanna or The God of Jacob have done great things for you. It was the most exciting time.

    However, lately I have been getting warnings for the churches with instructions to deliver with urgency:

    You have turned your backs on me, going after Baal and going after strange flesh. I am no longer your first love. Repent, Repent, Repent. I am calling to my people to Repent. There are terrible days ahead and only those who are grounded in me will be able to stand. Call a fast and rend your hearts. Fall on your faces before me, for you have wandered away from me, but if you turn again to me then I will surely turn back to you and reclaim you as my own. Repent!

    After the initial message for the churches the Lord spoke to me about those who claim to be His and are not, He said He will punish them severely and they will face impending doom unless they repent from their transgressions; they lie, deceive, cheat, steal and fornicate and they claim they belong to Him but they are not. He is a HOLY God, the Righteous Judge and He will move with vengeance against them. He has called to the churches to repent!

    Where are the prophets to warm the people, he asked. Where are the watchmen to sound the alarm? He said the churches are in disarray and are confused, they are being led down the wrong path and there is no voice to warn them. Those that open their mouths proclaim peace when there is no peace.

    The Lord is calling to the churches to wake up and pray for what is to come, he said gone are the days of peace and tranquility.

    This is the time Brothers and Sisters to put away distractions, debauchery and unholy living and turn back to God. He forgives, restores and heals. He expects reverence and obedience from those who are His. This is the time for REPENTANCE!!!

  2. pen4god

    Believing the pen is mightier than the sword, in 2005 I set up a small Site as an introduction to the Internet Ministry of Denis A. Wheadon [that’s me!] who, by using his pen for God, seeks to share over half a century of his writings with the world, with the sole purpose of helping fellow Christians in their daily walk with the Lord Jesus Christ.

    This is the statement on the first page of my site at – http://www.pen4god.co.uk – and the purpose has not changed, except that it has developed quite considerably since it was first launched. I am hoping to “qualify” for Author status on this site so that I can expand my Internet Ministry even further through my own Pen4God Ministries Weblog, with everything reflecting the sole purpose of helping fellow Christians in their daily walk with the Lord Jesus Christ through my writings and inter-reaction with others on the e4god site.

    So that is my story so far. In my next comment I will post some personal details about myself from another page on my Pen4God Ministries website.

    Every blessing


  3. pen4god

    As promised in my previous comment, here is a second edition to My Story about my Pen4God Ministries website, and my hope to obtain “Author” status on the e4god site to enable me to launch a Pen4God Ministries Weblog to make my site at http://www.pen4god.co.uk even more helpful to those who might benefit from the sole purpose of the P4G site, that of helping fellow Christians in their daily walk with the Lord Jesus Christ.

    As promised, here are a few personal details taken from another page on my site.

    Denis Wheadon was born in 1931 in Sherborne, Dorset, a small market town in Southern England. He came to faith in Christ and was baptised in 1945, served for
    a period in the RAF, married his wife, May, in 1951 and was ordained into the Christian ministry in 1955.

    The ensuing years were spent in preaching the gospel through pastoral ministry, local radio broadcasting, and writing. He and his wife now live in Bournemouth, a thriving seaside resort on the South Coast of England, in so-called retirement, where he is still actively engaged in ministry in his local church and area.

    He and his wife celebrated their Golden Wedding in 2001 and they have one son, Ian, who is very happily married to Anong, who originates from Thailand, and one granddaughter, Anita, who is at the moment a sixth form student at the local Grammar School.

    The Pen4God Website is an additional ministry, harnessing modern technology in the service of the Lord. Adding a Weblog through e4god will extend that ministry even further.

    Every blessing


  4. pen4god

    It is now Saturday evening here in the UK – earlier in the day yesterday [Friday] I left two comments concerning my Pen4God Ministries, and planned to put a third one on now, but find the first two are not here. I hesitate to add anything more about P4G until I am sure they will appear. Please, how long do I have to wait, and when will I know if and when they appear?

    Every blessing


  5. admin


    Thank you for sharing. Glad to have you as a contributor.

    So that you know, all comments from new users are moderated. It’s not personal, and we wish it were not necessary. We only do it for the sake of protecting the testimony of our web site.

    As much as we do not want to “CENSOR” content here, and want to encourage free and open expression of the many possibilities and potential views within Christian thought and practice, we err on the side of caution with new members.

    We have a site that is open to the public and we have to be cautious about what is displayed in the name of the Kingdom. We are committed to honoring God. Our audience numbers over 5000 visitors per day – which is an accomplishment and a responsibility that are both taken seriously!

    We feel a need to prevent the unwanted display of the kind of pornographic images and links that are often posted to public blogs by those who serve another master.

    Acceptable comments are generally approved within 12-24 hours. Once you have posted a few times, we will set your permissions status to bypass the moderation and whatever you write will be immediately posted.

    We ask for your grace and understanding. The favors, if extended, will be returned with the opportunity to reach the world with your pen : )

    Your comments are welcome and have been posted : )

    Blessings 2 U

  6. pen4god

    I am both thrilled and encouraged to realise the stringent measures you have taken to protect e4god.com from attack by the devil’s agents.

    I am thrilled to know that all posts, including those from the Pen4God Ministries website, are safe and secure – that nothing will appear that will be dishonouring to God.

    I am encouraged to learn of the attacks on e4god.com in the past – in fact, I am pleased you have been attacked! Now, I had better explain this attitude, and I do so with a true story.

    Many years ago, in the Church where I now serve in so-called retirement as an Elder, a lady was baptised one Sunday. The following Sunday I asked her if she had had a good week.

    “No!” she replied quite vehemently, “I have not!” I asked her to explain, and she said, “I went home last Sunday following my baptism feeling as if I was walking on air; I was so thrilled. But on the Monday I was atacked by the devil, and all through the week I have felt him attacking me, tempting me, in ways I’ve never experienced before. So I feel very discouraged.”

    She was shocked by my reply. “Praise the Lord,” I said. “I am so pleased you’ve been attacked by the devil like that.” She couldn’t believe her ears, she told me. Then I explained. “Rather than be discouraged by the devil’s attacks, be encouraged by them. You see, the devil never attacks his own, but he certainly attacks those who belong to the Lord. I would have been quite concerned if you had said you’d had a good week with no temptations.”

    “How come?” she asked. So I went on to explain. “You were only attacked by the devil because you were going on with the Lord in your daily walk with Him. You were doing what was right in the sight of God; if you hadn’t, the devil would have left you alone. So be encouraged.”

    She said she hadn’t thought of it that way before; and the following Sunday she was rejoicing over the fact that she had experienced more of the devil’s attacks on her during the week, but each one now encouraged her more and more, becaused she realised he only attacked her because she was doing what was right in the sight of God.

    So, you see, that is why I say I am encouraged to learn of the attacks on e4god.com in the past – in fact, I am pleased you have been attacked! Why? Because you were doing what was right in the sight of God and the devil didn’t like it. It is, therefore, up to each one of us who contribute to this website that the devil or any of his agents do not get even a crack through which he can attack in spite of the stringent measures to stop him.

    God bless you


  7. pen4god

    Here is an important page taken from the Pen4God Ministries website, which can be found at http:/www.pen4god.co.uk

    What does Denis Wheadon believe?
    Before you can peruse this Ministry Website with
    complete confidence it is very important that you
    know where he stands theologically in relation to
    the Word of God, so here are his Beliefs

    Denis believes in the Unity of the Godhead — Father, Son and Holy Spirit;

    Denis believes in the Sovereignty of God in all matter relating to creation, revelation, redemption and final judgement;

    Denis believes in the Holy Bible as the supreme authority in all matters relating to faith and conduct, and in its divine inspiration and infallibility;

    Denis believes in the universal sinfulness and guilt of all mankind since the fall, and that mankind is now subject to God’s wrath and condemnation in consequence;

    Denis believes that salvation is for the “whosoever”, that all may be saved but that not all will be saved, because only those who come to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ of their own free will can receive redemption from the guilt, penalty and power of sin, made possible through Christ’s sacrificial death on the Cross;

    Denis believes in the Deity of The Lord Jesus Christ, His virgin birth, that He was truly and properly Man and truly and properly God, in the authority of His teaching, His bodily resurrection, His ascension into heaven, that He is now at the right hand of God His Father, and in His personal return;

    Denis believes in the power and work of the Holy Spirit, the Third Person in the Holy Trinity, in His work of regeneration, conversion, sanctification and in ministry and worship;

    Denis believes in the ordinances of Believers’ Baptism by immersion and the Lord’s Supper as instituted by the Lord Jesus Christ, accepting that whilst both are necessary to obedience, they are not necessary for salvation;

    Denis believes in the one Universal Church, which is the Body of Christ on earth to which all true believers belong irrespective of denominations;

    Denis believes in the resurrection of the body and the judgement of the world by our Lord Jesus Christ.

    I hope this helps.

    God bless you

    Denis Wheadon


  8. admin


    I understand completely what you have written.
    And the devil does often attack new believers or ministries with extra effort because he hopes to turn them away from the Lord before they become fully engaged in the Kingdom as far as sharing testimonies or doing the Lord’s work.

    But I would not want to leave it there…
    For who would aspire to join the family of God if it meant there would be endless attacks…?

    We have a God who is bigger than the enemy. The joy of the Lord falls on those who walk with him. It’s not all roses and rainbows, but…. It is wonderful to know the presence and power of the Holy Spirit to defeat these attacks. Therein lies the rub for satan. The more he attacks, the more it drives us closer to the Lord.

    In the end, satan prefers to leave us alone rather then make a spectacle of his loss and our Lord’s victory! And so he departs.


    We tried for almost 10 years to have a completely open policy about posting so that it was EASY to share Christian thought with the world through a free blog service at e4God.com where there would never be those internet banner ads that are placed on other free blog sites.

    Our light was so bright, in the dark place called the internet, that we became quite a target for an organized group of attacks. Hundreds of individual Christians or ministries used our blog service to publish everything from poetry and journals to Sunday service bulletins and ministry newsletters.

    There were nearly 10,000 blogs created here, by visitors. Most were by those who could be called troubling spirits. They were used to launch porn and email spam. First, there were simple attacks. Visitors posted the most vile images you can possibly imagine, along with horrible words, and links to more. Then they grew more sophisticated and organized a high tech Denial of Service attack using email and web bot programs. They crashed a VERY POWERFUL server (A load balanced server farm actually) on several occasions over the last few years. They even got our site banned on Google as well as many so called “IP BlackLists” like spamcop, spamhaus, RBL, and etc.

    Only a few months ago, after 10 years of collecting testimonies and serving ministries, we had to start over from the beginning.

    I was discouraged, and yet… There was something just a little gratifying about it all, to know our work had upset the devil so much that he was paying attention to us and trying to hurt us. If satan thought he could harm the kingdom by going after us, then… well… We must have been shining a big light into the darkness. And I know that we will do so again.

    YET – AND I WANT TO BE CLEAR ABOUT THIS: I do not relish nor glory in the attacks.

    Rather, we glory in God and His work through ordinary believers!

    Our Lord gives us these assurances:

    Be not surprised if you have trouble in this world…. For I had trouble. But I have overcome!


    Resist the devil and he will flee!

    These words are faithful and true!

  9. admin

    Denis: You will see by the appearance of your AVATAR image, that your photo upload has been approved.

    Your status here has been elevated to AUTHOR and you can now begin new topics instead of merely make comments on the posts of others.

  10. kingdcd

    Blessings to All…

    I just wanted to comment about the devil attacking us as believers. We often blame the devil for all of the attacks and trials that we face as Christians. When in fact most of our hardships and trials are because of the choices we make (past, or present). Every choice that we make comes with a consequence. But, I’ll save that for another discussion because I want to look at another reason we go through trials and times of testing. Sometimes we have been called out to be picked on.

    There are times that God will allow the enemy to attack us. Not to punish us, but to work something in us or out of us and to simply bless us the more. We must understand that salvation is not a one day deal, but a process. Scripture tells us that “the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith…,” (Romans 1:17). God will take us through the water to wash us and through the fire to burn and consume the very effects of sin from our lives. He takes us through to bless us that we might be a blessing. Moving us from a dry place into a place of abundance and fruitfulness.

    We were made in the divine image of God and sin has distorted that image. We have issues that have been buried so deep within our souls. Some of which we don’t even realize that they are there until we go through adversity. Job had everything that a man could have imagined. What reason did God have to give the devil permission to take everything he had accept his life. God favored Job and wanted to bless him even the more.

    I realize that it is hard to believe that God will allow bad things to happen to us in order to bless us and bring us into a higher level of understanding the gift of His Son, Jesus. Psalms 66:12 says, “Thou hast caused men to ride over our heads; we went through fire and through water: but thou brought us out into a wealthy place.”

    God is trying to get us to the place of abundant blessings. So the next time you find yourself in a storm. Stop and ask yourself, I’m I being set-up to be blessed!!!

  11. rtwhitejr

    Check out this mobile app. It’s called the Bible IQ Builder. It’s pretty cool. It helps you remember important Bible facts by quizzing you. You can even post your score on FaceBook or an online scoreboard.

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