Jul 30

All Creation One With God, Eternally

All Creation One With God Eternally

All Creation One With God, Eternally

“All Creation Is One With God, Eternally!

There Is no Need To Revisit Yesterday Or Battle With Tomorrow.

There Is No Need To Be Somewhere Else.

Pure Being Has No Need At All.

This is Peace.Divine, To Be where You Are, In This One Eternal Moment.

Being Together With God, We Are Being God together.”

…Charles Brite ~ www.Facebook.com/britewords

Jul 20

Gratitude Determines Spiritual Altitude



If gratitude determines spiritual altitude then maybe we should take a closer look at the subject?

Gratitude is often misunderstood.

Many believe we “SHOULD” be grateful because God told us we should.  I submit that the very sense of compulsion ruins the effort.

Others believe that God WANTS us to be grateful.  But this again misses the point.  Trying to be grateful is not truly useful.

Being in a state of gratitude is not something we do FOR God.  Being in a state of gratitude is something God makes possible.

The benefit of Gratitude begins as our own.  The sense of fullness and abundance that flows from this state will overflow from us to others.

This grace state could be understood in today’s language as channeling a kingdom moment – not only for self but for those around us.

“Some say “Practicing the presence of God”.  But practicing sounds like trying – and as Yoda said, “there is no try – only do or do not do”.

Some say “Achieving Nirvana”, “Being With God”, or “Walking with God”.  These make more sense to me as being closer to the truth. Some say gratitude brings God to this earth.  Some say it transports us to the Heavens.  Some say it is “Reigning with God”.   I like all of these, but I believe there is more to the power of gratitude than all of these efforts to express the result.

In the fullness of spiritual expression, embodying gratitude means being together with God who looked upon all creation and said, “It is Good”.  Said yet another way, if God is Being, and if we are created in his image, and we are being with Him, then it follows that “He and we are Being God together”.  Let me repeat.  “If God is Being and We are Being with God then we are Being God together”.

When we choose to let turn focus away from negativity, ego desires, grudges, and problems that are all around… we can find plenty to be grateful for.  But don’t do it FOR God.  And don’t ‘try’.

You don’t need to list and let go of bad thoughts, one by one as a pre-requisite.  You don’t need to focus on getting rid of wrong attitudes.  You don’t have to conquer your shortcomings first.  Such a focus nourishes the troubling spirits and makes them even bolder. These battles belong to God and are all won when “He and we are Being God Together”.

Back to the peanuts illustration above, borrowed from Jack Canfield…  What if, Today, We Were All Grateful For Everything”?  That would change the world!

So, how do we do this?  IT’s much simpler than you have been taught.  Be still.  Know that He is God.  Focus on whatsoever is true, whatsoever is pure, whatsoever is lovely, and whatsoever is of good report.  These too are all around.  Do it for yourself.  Hold the moment until you overflow.  Then share!

Charles Brite



Jul 18

Expanded Variation of Prayer: Our Father

Expanded P:rayer Our Father

Expanded Prayer Our Father

Our Father ~ mighty protector and provider

Who art in heaven ~ so far away and yet so near

Hallowed  ~ holy, holy, holy

Be Thy Name ~ the one name above all other names

Thy Kingdom Come ~ a reign of peace and love

Thy Will ~ holy and perfect desire

Be Done ~ here, now, in this moment with no past and no future

On Earth ~ the precious earth created and good

As it is ~ here, now, in this moment with no past and no future

In Heaven ~ where you prepare a place for us

Give us ~ we, collectively, and each of us, one by one

This day ~ while it is yet today

Our ~ we, each of us, one by one

Daily bread ~ manna to sustain our bodies

And forgive ~ in Christ

Us Our ~ we, collectively, and each of us, one by one, the things we own without excuse

Trespasses ~ when we cross the lines you have drawn

As we ~ we, collectively, and each of us, one by one

Forgive ~ in Christ

Those ~ they, them, collectively, and each one, one by one

Who trespass ~ crossing the lines you have drawn

Against us ~ we, collectively, and each of us, one by one

Lead us ~ by thy Mighty Hand, By Thy Angels, and by Thy Holy Spirit

Not into temptation ~ where we might fall

But deliver ~ by thy Mighty Hand, By Thy Angels, and By Thy Holy Spirit

Us ~ we, collectively, and each of us, one by one

From all evil ~ a spirit of destruction that is roaming all around, roaring like a lion, seeking whom to devour.

For thine ~ a holy possession that can never be taken

Is the kingdom ~ where we walk with you, when we walk with you

And the power ~ limitless and above all powers, yet shared freely with us

And the glory ~ bright and shining above all glories, yet shared with Christ, who shared it with us.

Forever ~ here, now, while it is today, in this moment, with no past and no future

And ever ~ any time other than here, now, while it is today, in this moment, with no past and no future, and is no concern of ours…

Amen ~ so be it

Jul 17

God Answers All Prayers

Consider The Lily

God Answers All Prayers

I asked God:

For peace… Then I lost my stressful job.
For money… Then my wife got paid.
For a new job… Then the garden needed weeded.
For abundant life…. Then the whole garden bloomed.
For healing… Then my heartaches quieted.
For strength… Then people called to ask for help.
For a better attitude… Then He reminded me to consider the lily.

All of a sudden, I had no more requests…

…Charles Brite – Britewords


Jul 15

A Prayer About the Presidential Election

presThis is my prayer concerning the 2016 USA Presidential Election.

Dear Lord:  Please tell someone who ISN’T Crazy to run for President of the Unites States.



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