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Jun 29

Have You Graduated From Church?

I have “GRADUATED” From Church. Just Like Jesus. ~ Suffered and Crucified by God’s People ~ Today I Reign WITH Christ ~ Today I sit at the Right Hand of the Father ~ I don’t need A “Priest” any more to connect with God. How About You? Go ahead. Fall out the TOP and join …

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Jun 29

Don’t Go to Church ~ Be the Church

EASTER REFLECTIONS OF A MATURE SPIRIT: Can we be JESUS without a Church? I am going to take some flak for this, but that decision has been made. Consider: Jesus was not popular at his house of worship. There was always some kind resistance. The power of Organized Religion was on the wane. This is true …

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Feb 07

Christiany ~ Spiritual Power ~ Do You Have It?

. Christianity teaches that believers have the help of a POWER not available to those who do not believe… right?  Or at least that we have more POWER than other spiritual disciplines… Spiritual power… what is that?  Do you have it? Can you know things others don’t?  Walk on water?  Heal the Sick?  Raise the …

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Jan 06

On Suffering and Blessing ?

. . Many Christians seem to think that “suffering for Christ” is somehow a greater virtue than “Reigning with Christ” Yes, we are saved and redeemed.  Yes we are promised that there will be trials.  Yes, we are called to overcome suffering and persecution (which will surely happen in this world)… But..  My question is …

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Jan 02

Meditation for the New Year

. It’s so easy to make New Year’s resolutions, and change our physical behavior by sheer will power.  But easy change is rarely lasting change.  A Typical New Years resolution lasts less than 10 days. A BETTER WAY A better way is to invite God to make the change in our heart first… A PRAYER: …

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